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What is a Construction Certificate and when do I need it?

A Construction Certificate (CC) is required after getting your Development Application (DA) approved by Council. Building works cannot commence until a CC is obtained.

At Action Approvals we will undertake an assessment of your approved plans and development consent conditions in order to shortlist the most appropriate certifiers and action the list of requirements from the Certifier in order to issue your CC.


What is a Complying Development Certificate and do I need it?

Not all building work requires DA approval via your Local Council. Complying Development Certificate (CDC) provides a streamlined assessment process for a range of developments from in-ground pools, small additions and alterations, up to new 2 storey dwellings, that if they comply with the minimum specified development standards set out in the code, then it can be approved as a CDC by an Accredited Certifier.


Building Certificates

Do you have unauthorised works?

Are you selling without an occupation certificate?

Has council issued you with a notice?

Do you need a building certificate?

If council has issued you with a notice to demolish unauthorised works you may be able to obtain a Building Certificate. This alleviates you from the notice and allows you to keep the building and to continue using it.


We know how stressful this can be and if you require a Building Certificate for unauthorised works or if you are unable to obtain an OC and need to sell your house. We will manage this process for you and with our expertise and knowledge you will obtain the certificate as quickly as possible.