frequently asked questions

Who can issue a construction certificate?

Either a consent authority (council) or an accredited private certifier can issue a Construction Certificate


Why do you need a Construction Certificate or a Complying Development Certificate?

Before you begin any building work, you need a building approval either a Construction Certificate (CC) or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).


When is a Construction Certificate required?

A Construction Certificate is required after development consent is issued and before any building work is carried out. Building work means any physical activity involved in the erection of a building, including alterations and additions.


How does a Construction Certificate relate to development consent?

Once a Construction Certificate is issued it becomes part of the development consent. As a result notices and orders can be issued at any time if the building works do not meet the standards specified in the Construction Certificate.


How long does a construction certificate last?

A Construction Certificate lapses at the same time as the development consent issued for the proposal lapses.

What is the purpose of a Construction Certificate?

A Construction Certificate is used to verify, before you begin any building work, that:

  • the work you intend to carry out complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

  • the design and construction work as depicted in the plans and specification you submit is not inconsistent with the development consent

  • any conditions of development consent that must be complied with before a construction certificate is issued have been met

  • any monetary contributions required as a condition of consent have been paid

  • structural strength and fire protection matters have been satisfied, in the case of a change of building use or alterations to an existing building

What are DAs and CDCs? And what is the difference between them?

A Development Application (otherwise known as a DA) is the application made to your local council seeking consent to carry out a development. A Complying Development Certificate (otherwise known as a CDC) is an alternative to a DA bypasses council with the accredited Certifier approving the works and issuing the Complying Development Certificate allowing work to start.



How long will it take to obtain your Construction Certificate?

It takes about 4 weeks to get a Construction Certificate from the time the DA is approved. 


How long will it take to obtain your Complying Development Certificate?

This takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks

In the past Certifiers could issue Complying Development Certificates with no requirement to notify the neighbours. Now the rules have changed and part of the process involves a fourteen day Neighbour Notification. This is nothing to worry about and involves the neighbours within 20m of your boundaries receiving notification that you intend to do some construction works and some brief plans showing the work proposed. Your approval will be given if the plans meet the requirements of the Complying Development code regardless of your neighbours comments but it just lets them know what is proposed.

A seven day notice to the neighbours is also required to inform them when works are plans to commence. Both of these Neighbour notification are taken care of us and the certifier.

What do we need to start the process?

For a Construction Certificate we need a full set of stamped plans and the Notice of Determination

For a Complying Development Certificate we need a full set of plans.